Task or Team orientated ? Try asking HYF…..

By Kevin Fish CCM Our Tribe often tell me that one of the great benefits of attending CMAE courses is the safe environment provided, in which to better understand the type of person and the type of manager that you are today. We build this self awareness culminating in the Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader […]

Creating Tribe!

By Phil Jones CMDip In presenting this article I have shared how we as a team challenged ourselves as to how much we really included players in those early months of playing golf. What can be done by your team to create such unforgettable gatherings which develop into really positive steps forward for your academy […]

Recruitment – the devil is in the detail

By Michael Braidwood CCM During the pre opening of any business one of the key outputs of the General Manager is assembling the right team. With our large 33 hole complex due to open in 6 months time I and my senior team colleagues have been spending a large amount of time going through the […]

The Pros and Cons of Buffets

By Nicki Davis Deciding on the type of catering that will suit your event is really important, so let’s look at the pros and cons of buffet style catering and other options. Whilst buffets are a popular choice for organisers as they appear a better value and more flexible option, it’s important to understand the […]

The Problem with Budgets

By David Roy CCM The problem with budgeting is that we rely on historic data to create our forecasts and the past is increasingly unreliable as a measuring stick for the future. We do our best when we work up a budget for approval by the Finance Committee and Board but what can we do […]

Membership Turnaround – A Case Study

By Jerry Kilby CCM Most of us have read the books and listened to the presentations outlining the theory of membership marketing techniques, and of course we learn a great deal from our own experiences, but the truth of membership marketing is that you never know what will work at your club until you try […]

Regular Auditing of your Club, is it a good thing?

By Tory Brettell Why Audit your Leisure Operation? Having worked with and for big corporate companies, there is one thing, which is very similar in every organisation and that is they all want to see their respective brand achieve continuity and consistent standards across their clubs. This is a very important factor as the standards […]

From Theory to Practice

By Carlos Ladios Boluda (CMDip) Let me preach to the choir for a second. MDP Courses are such fantastic things! A whole week of networking, meeting peers and making friends, learning a lot and returning to your place of work with half a rainforest in a binder and so many ideas. Suddenly, you find yourself […]

Corporate Golf Days: Outside the Box?

By Chris Duffy CMDip Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, or Tennis Clubs are continually seeking alternative ways to attract external revenues streams beyond membership fees. More and more businesses are seeking Corporate Partnerships or Strategic Alliances, where companies and clubs come together to work hand-in-hand in developing each others products and services. However, for many Golf […]