Online Application

Thank you for considering becoming a CMAE member. The CMAE has five different categories of membership. Please see the descriptions for each category and select the category that you feel meets your circumstances.


For those who are employed in any junior, middle or senior management role at a club or similar organisation. You do not have to be the senior manager at your club as we welcome assistant managers, heads of department and deputy managers as well. Full Members are accorded full voting rights.


This category is for individuals working within the club industry, including consultants, suppliers, media, educators and faculty. Associate Members will be able to attend all activities, educational events and functions, but are not entitled to a vote at an AGM.


For individuals who are enrolled in hospitality or club related educational courses at an accredited college or university. Students may retain membership for two years following graduation. Student members enjoy all privileges of membership, but cannot vote.


For those clubs who wish to provide membership of the CMAE to those senior employees who are employed in a junior, middle or senior management role at a club. By opting for corporate membership, a club can enjoy a discount on the individual membership subscription (minimum 5). Clubs must name the individuals, but can transfer membership from one manager to another midyear should they have a change in personnel. The clubs must pay the corporate membership rate, not the individuals themselves. The CMAE can invoice the club for this. Each named manager will have the same benefits as a full member, and will pay the lowest rate for education activities and events, but there will only be one vote per corporate member at an AGM.


This category of membership is for those senior personnel within those companies that are supporting the CMAE and our activities through the CMAE Corporate Partners Programme.

Retired/ Transitional & Other

This category is for club managers who are either retired or in transition between employment. Retired/Transitional members enjoy all privileges of membership, but cannot vote.