Membership Benefits

Eligibility to gain the CMDip and CCM designations

The CMAE offers club managers two levels of certification – the Club Management Diploma (CMDip) and the globally-recognised Certified Club Manager (CCM).

In Europe, only CMAE members can apply to sit the Club Management Diploma (CMDip) and Certified Club Manager (CCM) exams and join the elite group of club managers from all over the world that have demonstrated a detailed and in-depth knowledge of their chosen profession.

Access to education opportunities

The CMAE together with our regions and affiliate partners across Europe regularly stage educational events, from workshops and seminars to conferences. CMAE members will enjoy being welcomed at any of these events, giving access to an unrivalled network of educational opportunities.


The CMAE hosts an biannual European Conference on Club Management, attended by club industry professionals from across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the world, providing the ultimate networking and education opportunity.

In February/March each year, CMAE members are encouraged to participate in the World Conference on Club Management, which is organised by our friends at the Club Management Association of America (CMAA).  This superb 5-day event features over 80 education sessions covering all eleven of the core competencies of club management.

CMAE members will be able to register for the world conference for free providing they have attended at least one MDP course in the 2 years prior to the conference.

The Global network of club managers

Membership of the CMAE gives you the chance to meet (virtually in our online network as well as physically at our events) and build relationships with colleagues doing the same jobs at clubs all over Europe,and also in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and many other regions of the world.

These relationships can not only be personally beneficial, but also for members of the club where you work. You can help them perhaps visit and experience some of the great clubs of the world, and this will help you, as their club manager, clearly establish yourself as the professional club manager and the source of expertise and knowledge in your field.

Members’ zone on CMAE website

In this part of the site which is exclusive to CMAE members, you will find: articles and resources to view and/or download on a wide range of industry topics; contact details of other CMAE members around Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

CMAE e-communications

All CMAE members will be automatically subscribed to a number of monthly communications from us, including ClubNetworker, our monthly e-newsletter which is packed full of information and news about the activities of the CMAE, regions and affiliate partners, industry news and jobs, events and much more, and our education networker which is a comprehensive list of all of our upcoming educational events.

Clubhouse Europe Magazine

All CMAE members receive a digital copy of Clubhouse Europe magazine, the CMAE’s magazine of club management.  Featuring educational articles from industry experts as well as examples of best practice from other club managers.

Online Group

The CMAE has a private group set up for CMAE members on Facebook, and also on LinkedIn where members can call on their fellow CMAE Family members for advice, start discussions and share experiences, so that other members can benefit, or share any news you have.

Jobs Board

The CMAE promotes job opportunities via our website JOBS BOARD, where vacancies will also be emailed to members on a bi-weekly basis. CMAE members who are recruiting for management positions at their clubs are also able to advertise vacancies.