Become a partner

The CMAE will meet with potential Corporate Partners and discuss the plans that they may have to develop their businesses with clubs and/or club managers as we believe it is most important that both parties understand what each can do for the other – a true partnership is win-win for both parties, and this is the relationship the CMAE strives to develop with its Corporate Partners.

After discussion, the CMAE will propose a series of benefits that can be provided, which might help the potential partner achieve their objectives.  The CMAE can never ‘sell’ a company’s products or services for them, but they can help communicate the brand, or the services on offer to CMAE members and other club managers.

The CMAE’s communications channels (website, e-newsletter, meetings and events) are all available for our Corporate Partners to access from time to time, as will be mutually agreed between both parties.

Examples of benefits companies will receive from partnering with the CMAE are:

  • Logos on website and all of our digital communications
  • Complimentary advert in the Clubhouse Europe magazine
  • Opportunity to submit insights and opinion articles in Clubhouse Europe magazine and the Clubnetworker Newsletter
  • Associate CMAE membership for at least 1 member of staff
  • Presentation opportunities at CMAE events

To enquire about becoming a partner of CMAE please send your initial enquiry to [email protected]

Jonas Club Software is a proud and longstanding partner of the CMAE.  For over 16 years we have shared a common vision for the industry, individual clubs and the professionals who lead them.  It is through the essential education provided and the support of the CMAE community Jonas Club Software are confident in the future.  We look forward to working closely together with the CMAE and its members for years to come.
Jonathan Coates, Head of Operations at Jonas Club International

Our partnership with the CMAE strengthens our relationship with those in the industry who strive to advance, and that fits perfectly with our ‘Measure, Train, Support’ Mantra
Over the years we have come to regard everyone within the organization as friends; nothing is ever too much trouble, and it’s a relationship that as we continue to expand our global operations, we feel we can all continue to grow together.
Mark Reed, Director at 59Club