CMAE Regions

In our early years of development, the majority of CMAE members were working at clubs in the UK and Ireland, and to provide services and organise educational events for members, three CMAE Regions were formed – England, Scotland and Ireland.

The CMAE Irish Region merged with the Irish Association of Golf Club Secretaries in April 2010, and emerged under a new name, the Irish Golf & Club Managers Association (IGCMA), and maintained their link with the CMAE by being an Alliance Partner.

The CMAE Scottish Region formed the Scottish Golf & Club Managers Association in 2016 and are now Alliance Partners of CMAE.

2018 a new region was formed, called MENA. Middle East & Northern Africa region.

The CMAE Regions continue to thrive, providing educational seminars and local networks to help managers in their countries.

We currently have 2 regions within CMAE: