CRM – What does it mean for clubs?

By Steve Salter So, as many of you will know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but what does this really mean? For some this means marketing, for others it means a sales database and for others a communications register. So what is the right answer? The real answer is a combination, but it depends […]

Evaluate to increase your membership numbers

By Gabriel Sota CMDip  Every year I am looking to increase my membership numbers and I use the following tried and tested process. The steps I follow are –   Analysis Members survey Verify our four P´s. Product, price, place and promotion. Marketing action plan Implement it Evaluate it Re-evaluate the plan again We start […]

Is there such a thing as an Ideal committee person?

By John Kemp CMDip Working in golf it was my pleasure to organise events and training dedicated to club boards and committees. At those workshops we asked attendees to identify the traits of great committee people and what makes them so suited to the positions they have. As a passionate volunteer myself I frequently see the […]

Golf Course Photography

By David Roy CCM  During my time as a greenkeeper, I took many photos of golf courses and was often amazed at how a particularly lovely view of an inviting, challenging and picturesque golf hole looked more like a football field when I developed the film. The introduction of digital cameras came with the promise […]

How to increase female participation at your club

By Caroline Carroll Recent market research indicates golf participation in the UK is stabilising (Sport England Active People Survey, March 2016). However, female golfers remain significantly under-represented. In fact, women account for just 24% of golfers worldwide, yet the number of prospective female players could add $35 billion to the global golf economy. These are […]

The Importance of an Irrigation System Audit

By Carlos De Linares Saez It has been my intention for some time to write an article about my experience on the importance of hiring a specialized, professional irrigation audit firm before deciding to make any type of investment related to irrigation of our golf course. In reality, this conclusion can be applied to any […]

The problem with Ladies golf is lady golfers

By David Roy CCM The game of golf would hugely benefit from an increase in participation amongst the female population and there is plenty of good research that details the simple steps that require this to happen. So what’s stopping this from happening? A reactionary, Edwardian culture of slavishly aping the men’s game both in […]

The death of the Club Steward?

By David Roy CCM  The archetypal Club Steward was the king of his domain; commanding respect through sheer force of will and brusque demeanour, rather than any pretence of competence. Any member that broke the clubhouse rules trembled when confronted and committees were left in no doubt as to who held the keys to power. […]