The Benefits of Attending a Conference

By Debbie Goddard Every year you are invited to attend dozens of different industry conferences, with many offering high impact keynote speakers and a great depth of potential insights into our industry. However, how do you go about evaluating the true worth to your employer in terms of a return on investment? Learn something new […]

Managing Millenials

By Nicki Davis There have been books written, studies commissioned, countless hours of podcasts produced and keynote speeches, including that by Jason Dorsey at the CMAA World Conference in 2016 (which I was fortunate enough to attend) all on one topic – how to work with, manage and essentially, control Millennials, the new workforce generation. […]

The Value of Sharing Information

By Andy Brown Andy Brown of The Toro Company explores how teamwork and communication within your core management team can improve the player experience and course operations. This article is the first in a series provided by The Toro Company on “What Matters Most” for golf courses and the success of their day-to-day operations. It’s […]

Leadership Going back to common sense

By Alastair Curbbun CCM Dale Carnegie 1888 – 1955 Dale Carnegie defined 30 principles which would help to win friends and influence people, win people to your way of thinking and become a successful leader. These principles have all been developed into more modern leadership/management theories, but the principles still apply today. These principles are […]

An American intern in Cambridge

In May 2018, members of all CMAE regions were contacted by the Conrad Winter (London & the Home Counties) to assist a keen young American student at Florida State University (FSU) with an internship in the U.K. I jumped at the chance to help a young aspiring manager ‘learn the ropes’. Anderson landed on my […]