How to pick your fights

It is worth reflecting that club life often crackles with tension and can be soaked with thinly disguised anger emanating from members harbouring a favoured conspiracy theory, or a strongly held belief of widespread incompetence. Former CMAE President David Roy CCM, Secretary Manager at Crail Golfing Society, examines the art of picking your fights. Despite […]

The Reflective Experience – researching ‘Rude’

If you’re in hospitality, if you’re in the people business, you’ve encountered ‘Rude’. Every day. You’ve seen Rude, felt Rude, absorbed Rude and become fluent in Rude. Gregg Patterson, Founder and President of ‘Tribal Magic!!!’ examines how to prepare for it and how to purge it. Every Day – ‘Rude’ The Rude irritate and annoy […]

Navigating through difficult times

In a time of uncertainty, discomfort, or fear, it is the right time to focus your attention and energies on being responsive to all of the unpredictable situations that lie ahead. It’s a wide-spread crisis; however, when you rise to the occasion, you will realize just how effective and resilient a leader you are, says […]

Six steps to building personal resilience

RESILIENCE is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or change, adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or threats. It’s an important word to keep hold of. Jules Murray explains. So how are you coping during Covid-19 and what are you doing to build your resilience to this unprecedented interruption to ‘business as […]

Volunteers – keep them onside

Volunteers are more likely to stay at your club if they have a fun and rewarding experience, says Sport England. And with more than 32 million over-16s giving up their free time, the industry body offers top tips on attracting and keeping young volunteers. Volunteers are more likely to stay at your club if they […]

Time management – a crucial tool for success

The golden rule of business says that effective time management is the key to success. Findings from an Instantprint report reveal that 53% of those surveyed found that admin and report writing were taking up a disproportionate amount of time when compared with growing business. “It is interesting to see from the research that it […]

Polar bears and penguins

What catapults organisations to be ahead of the competition? Susan Stevenson, a presenter at the CMAE’s European Conference and co-author of Polar Bears and Penguins examines the guiding principles for a high performance culture. Lots of factors affect the condition of your club/organisation, some within your control, like the culture, and some out of your […]

Social media in the workplace

Social media is an immense power when it comes to reaching out to members. But it is also a power which needs to be carefully harnessed. ACAS explores the issues and offers guidelines for employers and employees on establishing and implementing a social media policy. Social media can affect communications among managers, employees and even […]

Habits of Highly Effective Health Club Managers

What separates a reasonably competent club manager from an inspiring one? And how do inspiring club managers organise their day, week, month and year? Tory Brettell examines the traits of a successful manager and confident leader. Management processes need to be broken down into four key headlines for the Manager to concentrate on and above […]

Preparing for your upcoming budget cycle

Autumn is with us and indications are that as club leaders prepare to go into their annual budgeting cycle, most European economies are witnessing steady improvement and positive forecasts. GGA’s Rob Hill examines the outlook and offers best budgeting advice. Goldman Sachs describes the outlook for continental Europe’s economy as “cautiously optimistic” as the housing […]

Double protection

Golf courses aiming to face up to the challenge of turf disease and maintain high quality playing surfaces for their customers throughout autumn and winter have been just been handed a new, highly effective solution, Syngenta’s Instrata Elite. The company explains. Launched this summer by Syngenta, the leading innovator in turf management solutions, Instrata Elite […]