CMAE European Conference 2020 – Seminar Recordings

Please find below recordings of the CMAE European Conference 2020 seminars, keynotes and workshop highlights. 

IMPORTANT: These videos are for the benefit of European Conference 2020 delegates only. Please do not share them publicly with others or on social media. 

CMAE Opening Meeting

The opening meeting where Director of Education Toby gives a general update on CMAE and future plans

Welcome & Martin Slumbers

James Burns, President CMAE, Mark Bado, President CMAA & Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A officially open the conference

KEYNOTE Measuring Leadership Success

Rob Hill, GGA Partners

Most of us have hero-leaders whose accomplishments we admire. Some are renowned the world over. Some are personal to us. We judge the success of their leadership by the decisions they make, the way they arrive at them and most of all, the positive impact of their actions.

So how should club leaders measure the success of their leadership? Are they measuring what really counts? In his keynote address, Rob Hill will suggest metrics for measuring leadership success in 2020 and beyond.

Membership and Marketing travel back to the future

Daniel Asis, CCM & Alberto Iglesias, CCM

Clubs and golf courses are a fighting ground for traditions and modern trends. Club managers need strategies to improve member attraction and retention in post-COVID times. The array of tools is wider than ever to retain members and attract new customers.

Building Trust in your Club

Andrew Whitelaw, CCM & Tristan Hall, CCM

Believing in the reliability, truth or ability of someone is a key building block to running a successful club. This session “ Building Trust in your Club” examines how Trust is built through the various stakeholder groups highlighting the key components of Trust that will help you drive the performance of your Club. An engaging session drawing on various examples of how building Trust is essential and in particular during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Work life balance through Effective Management

Fraser Jervis, CMDip & Criscia Walker, CMDip

With this seminar comes Structure within the work place – Roles & Expectations, Training & Planning all lead to good Governance.If all of this is in place it will have a positive effect on Time Management and therefore assist in work life balance.

KEYNOTE Effective Change Management

Andre Van Hall, Former GM

Do Not Fear Managing Change – Be the Change

The most important kind of change is the one that YOU initiate or influence, the one you can make happen on purpose! Of course, it’s easier to fall into a safe routine and resist moving forward, but I am here to tell you: “Do not fear managing change – be the change.”

How to Burn down the Club house

David Roy, CCM & Chris May, CCM

A major fire is a highly traumatic experience, frightening and life-threatening. There are a number of reasonably simple maintenance issues that can help prevent such an event and this session can illustrate how.

Overcoming F&B hurdles

James Burns, CCM & Michael Braidwood, CCM

In these strange times F&B operations have had a lot of restrictions put on them. These ‘hurdles’ have allowed creative thinkers to come up with innovative ideas on how to over come the challenge and make their F&B operations viable.

In this session you will learn about collaborative and creative thinking to aid you F&B operations through challenging times via 6 different international case studies

Passion, Integrity, Respect

Gabriel Sota, CCM & Derek Mckenzie, CCM & José María Olazábal

Ryder Cup Captain and World Hall of Famer José María Olazábal will share stories from the past but most importantly talk about his thoughts about the future of golf and the golf clubs. His values lies in the following three words: Passion, Integrity, Respect.

KEYNOTE Roller Coaster Ride

Arnaldo Cocuzza, CCM

Arnaldo was a very successful Club Manager at an Italian Club and also former President of the CMAE. Life was good. He then lost his job and received some negative criticism. He was offered a position and new opportunity in the USA and uprooted his family for an American adventure. After many years of hard work, he has secured a Visa and now finds himself at the exclusive Desert Mountain Club in Arizona in the role of Director of Athletics. Hear his story here.

Amazing Encounters & How to KISS

Laurie Martin & Howie Roberts, CMDip

Listen to the stories with having a greenkeeper who is first generation Non-Cannibal, having a gun fight at the golf course, entertaining presidents – but also how to deal with stress and encounters with your self and your team.This duo from two different parts of the world (Canada & Bali) will bring a seminar worth remembering.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Adam Rowledge & Michael Newland, CCM

In this session we will share with you how to transform your business through effective culture change, drive competitive advantage through learning and lead through change and uncertainty. Throughout the current challenging times that we’re in, our ability to ‘do change’ well, learn and innovate is what sets us apart from the competition, join us to benefit from tips, tools and techniques to help you succeed.

What’s wrong with your Social Media?

David White, CMDip & Ascanio Pacelli, CCM

A seminar on Digital Marketing where we will hear how a club potentially could “win” in social media without having employees fully dedicated to social media marketing. We also cover why you need to invest in your platforms.

KEYNOTE Attitude Amplifier

Vincent Phipps

Vincent Ivan Phipps is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and communication coach. Vincent is called The Attitude Amplifier due to his high energy, content rich material, and interactive presentation style.

Workshop Highlights Principles for a high performance culture

Highlights from the Workshop Highlights Principles for a high performance culture

Workshop Highlights Lean Process and Six Sigma

Highlights from the Workshop Lean Process and Six Sigma 

Workshop Highlights Scenario Planning

Highlights from the Workshop Scenario Planning

Workshop Highlights How do we give members the warm embrace

Highlights from the Workshop How do we give members the warm embrace – when we dare not embrace?

Workshop Highlights Change Management

Highlights from the Workshop Change Management

Workshop highlights Amplify your Presentation online

Highlights from the workshop Amplify your Presentation online

KEYNOTE Vito di Bari and Golf Saudi

World’s premiere futurist, innovation strategist, and inspirational keynote speakerVito Di Bari maintains a global reputation of excellence as the world’s premiere futurist, innovation strategist, and inspirational keynote speaker; he is the only keynote speaker who has given a TEDx Talk in five world continents.

Toby, Director of Education of CMAE will discuss with Ed Edwards, COO of Golf Saudi the new Education pathways being developed for Golf Saudi employees (and Saudis in general) by CMAE.