CMAE European Conference 2020 – Workshop Highlights Change Management

Highlights from the Workshop Change Management

Participants will be able to discuss what change is currently affecting them, and not only how to deal with it effectively, but also how to make change happen. The completed worksheet will give them a living document to take back to the office and quickly begin implementing a “culture of curiosity” both in their personal and professional lives.

Being the CEO of the prestigious Denver Athletic Club suited André van Hall. His storied career in the hospitality industry spanned three continents and the world’s finest hotels. He was at the peak of his game. Until the day tragedy struck.Resting at the top of the mountain, after beating his riding companions to the top, André’s optic nerve suffered an irrecoverable injury. Blindness was only two weeks away and was followed shortly by a diagnosis of cancer that was metastasizing. Losing his prestigious job and battling for his life, André made a discovery and is now sharing it with the world.