Winning with wine

It is approaching that time of year when clubs look to refresh their wine list. It’s an important task and one that shouldn’t be neglected, advises Mark Tipton, Marketing Manager at Tolchards

A poor wine list can confuse and complicate a dining experience whereas a great list can win over new customers and put patrons at ease.

So how do you get your wine list to work for you on many levels and be something that you can proudly present?

Consider a simple ‘less is more’ approach with layout and descriptions that make ordering a smooth process for the less wine-savvy clientele.

Navigating a sea of grapes, names and years can lead to certain frustration and seriously reduce the evenings fun factor.

Clear descriptions
Aim to speak directly to a customer with terminology that they understand such as dry, sweet, bitter, strong, along with suggestions of which food makes a suitable pairing. Including this helps point towards a wine that customers might not otherwise try, instead making a poor decision solely based on price alone.

Subtle and functional go a long way with the layout. Ideally aim to use two fonts, one that can be used for bolder headings and another that can be easily read for longer descriptions. If you have a brand font that’s used throughout the establishment then even better; this consistency helps develop the sense of trust for those visiting.

Always aim to have your logo and any images in high resolution formats. Menus can often be let down by low resolution images which have been taken from websites which become pixelated on the final printed version.

Small categories of wines work well to break up the menu. The addition of box surrounds or icons can help draw the attention if you have a special priced wine of locally sourced suggestion.

In short, a simple wine list can be diverse, exciting and most of all add adventure to the meal. We go out to try new things and have a welcome experience, making your wine list user friendly will mean customers return and spread a good review.

A wine list that is friendly, simple to, use, with good design helps improve the customer experience.
Mark Tipton, Marketing Manager, Tolchards

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