Day 1 – CMAE Conference 2020

Monday 30th of November: Meetings

09.00-09.45 Open CMAE Meeting

Information and discussion on CMAE Portfolio and Strategic Planning

10.00-10.30 Open session on E-Learning

 Discussions on E-Learning and Online Training

11.00-11.45 Alliance Partner Meeting

*Alliance Partner Contacts Only

12.00-12.30 Launch of CMAE Book Club

Join and listen, sign up & discuss

12.30-13.15 CCM Meeting

*CCMs Only

14.00-14.30 CCM Pathway

Eligibility & Exam Information & Discussions

15.00-15.45 Corporate Partner Meeting

*Corporate Partners Only

16.00-16.30 CMDip Meeting

New information for CMDips & Discussion about WBA


17.00-17.45 Welcome to CMAE European Conference 2020

James Burns, President CMAE, Mark Bado, President CMAA & Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A


17.45-18.30 After Work – Tribute to Corporate Partners 2020