What values contribute to exceptional service

Saturday October 8th, 9.00am – 10.30am

Alan Williams


Alan coaches leaders of service based organizations to deliver inspiring for competitive advantage, globally and in UK.

He thrives on leading the transformation of service, culture and behaviour, using a values and purpose driven approach.

Alan draws on a rare mix of extensive strategy, operations, general management and consulting experience to help leaders turn creative strategic thinking into sustainable, operational excellence…… in practice. His award-winning SERVICEBRAND projects have delivered measurable balanced scorecard impact.

Alan is a published author whose books have been critically acclaimed internationally and he speaks at conferences on a range of topics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a Board member of BQF, a Founder Faculty Member of Culture University, a Steering Group member of UK Values Alliance and Founder of the Global Values Alliance.

Tory Brettell

Tory Brettell set up Traffic Health and Fitness Limited in 2002 to deliver business solutions, mentoring and coaching services to clients, to help them continually innovate their services and keep ahead of new trends within the industry.

Using the experience gained during her time at the Royal Navy, as the first female Aircraft Electrician Mechanic, then as a Physical Training Instructor and through many years successfully managing Marriott Hotel Health and Leisure Clubs to provide a diverse range of services. Tory is a dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced professional and has a huge amount of skills and energy which can be shared with you.