Wednesday 2nd December:  Workshops (1 included in package)

09.00-10.40 Principles for a high performance culture

Susan Stevenson

(maximum 30 people - sign up)

90 min workshop and some of the main features will be:

Be committed - Be fully present with ‘what is’ - Engage in deep dialogue - Look for answers within.

Susan Stevenson, co-author of the book Polar Bears and Penguins and co-founder of GRIP Arabia, a company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain focusing on enabling organisations and individuals to realise their full potential and positively impact their desired business results. She is also an International Implementer of The Entrepreneurial Operating System®, helping SME’s get what they want out of their businesses. EOS combines timeless business principles with a set of simple, practical, real-world tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.  



10.00-11.40 Lean Process and Six Sigma

Darshan Singh

(Maximum 30 people – sign up)

A 90 minute Workshop:

Employees are hired based on their expertise in a given field. Bakers are good at baking and surgeons are good at performing surgery. Professionals are experts at working in a process, but they are not necessarily experts at working on a process. Learning to work on and improve processes requires experience and education in Continuous Improvement. That’s where Lean Six Sigma comes in.

Darshan has a wealth of expertise in human resources development, strategic planning, organization design, facilitating change, recruitment, and performance management.A high energy, results orientated human resources, people development professional with over 25 years of international experience in the UK, Europe, South-East Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, across a broad-range of sectors.



11.00-12.40 Customer Experience in the Future

Kevin Fish, CCM

(Maximum 30 people – sign up)

A 90 minute workshop including: 

Content will be be updated shortly

Kevin has over twenty years of experience in the club industry, including nine years serving as the Manager of the Glen GC in North Berwick, during which time he won the UK Club Manager of the Year award & was in the first group of Managers to secure the CCM designation in Europe. Kevin now runs his own training and consultancy firm Contemporary Club Leadership Ltd where he aims to help clubs do the right things, right. 



13.00-14.40 Scenario Planning

Bill Sanderson

(Maximum 30 people – sign up)

A 90 minute workshop including:

Scenario planning is making assumptions on what the future is going to be and how your business environment will change overtime inlight of that future.More precisely, Scenario planning is identifying a specific set of uncertainties, different “realities” of what might happen in the future of your business.

Bill has been in constant demand as a business coach, to all types and sizes of business, for over thirty years. Bill guides, motivates and inspires in equal measure but always through the delivery of exceptional performance.



14.00-16.00 Change Management

Andre Van Hall

(Maximum 30 people – sign up)

A 2 hour workshop including:

Participants will be able to discuss what change is currently affecting them, and not only how to deal with it effectively, but also how to make change happen. The completed worksheet will give them a living document to take back to the office and quickly begin implementing a “culture of curiosity” both in their personal and professional lives.

Being the CEO of the prestigious Denver Athletic Club suited André van Hall. His storied career in the hospitality industry spanned three continents and the world's finest hotels. He was at the peak of his game. Until the day tragedy struck.Resting at the top of the mountain, after beating his riding companions to the top, André's optic nerve suffered an irrecoverable injury. Blindness was only two weeks away and was followed shortly by a diagnosis of cancer that was metastasizing. Losing his prestigious job and battling for his life, André made a discovery and is now sharing it with the world.



15.00-16.30 Amplify your Presentation online

Vincent Phipps

(maximum 30 people – sign up)

A 90 minute workshop including:

This will be an exciting and engaging workshop! Amplify yourself and your club with improved skills.

Vincent Ivan Phipps is an attitude amplifying keynote speaker and communication coach. Vincent is called, the Attitude Amplifier due to his high energy, content rich material, and interactive presentation style