Speaker Profile: William Winram

William Winram, Fellow of The Explorers Club, is an ocean explorer and storyteller who works to motivate future generations to protect and respect our oceans.  He is an IUCN Oceans Ambassador, World Record Freediver, Filmmaker and Photographer – A Canadian living in Geneva – travelling the world. After more than 40 years as an ocean explorer, 40 years of sharing stories of his exploits and the past 15 years focused on engaging and inspiring people to action, he is excited to bring forward an educational opportunity – something he feels will allow us to connect a larger percentage of the world’s population with our oceans.

Session Description

Core Competencies Covered: Leadership, Inter-Personal skills, Membership and (Brand) Marketing

Regardless of the sport, the club or any activity we are involved in, we are part of a community, we are part of an ecosystem.
In that sense we as well have relations with the ecosystem and almost any club, no matter if its core business is golf, sailing, tennis or any other sport or social activity, has a connection to the sea.

Considering that 70% of our planet are covered by water and that water governs our climate and the planet’s atmosphere, adding to the fact that 50% of the oxygen we breath in the mountains, in cities or any kind of environment is produced by oceans – we are closer to the topic then we think.

If one genuinely cares about a club, its members, the staff, a community and maybe even particularly about young people, we all could do something. In times that people are hungrier for brands that have an environmental and social interest and the public opinion shifting towards more sustainable ways of action and investment – profiling the club can open new opportunities.

If a club needs more members – will it become more attractive if it has an environmental and social signature?
If a club wishes to be involved in the local community -is environmental consciousness is an opportunity?
Active environmental engagements; e.g. single used plastic reduction, improving awareness and image and / or social developing programmes (e.gl take local kids and support them sailing) can add to a club’s brand.

In this talk William Winram and Cindy Schönrich share their stories – what do they care for, why do they care and how the connection is very important. The passion in both – our planet and the strive for the educational pathway.
Cindy is responsible for a yacht club, based in the mountains where lakes and rivers are as pure that water can be drunk without hesitation. By the time she comes to the sea to follow the core of yachting – this purity is gone. William grew up by the ocean. He is deep sea diving for over 20 years and sees tremendous change every time he goes under water.

As most people will not get the opportunity to explore the underwater world as William does the two of them will try to inspire club managers to be passionate about our oceans and bring the story across to their boards, the teams and the club membership for an improved future.

William and Cindy collaborate since 2012 when he was keynote speaker during an event with WWF. They built up a connection and he returned in spring for a 2nd conference at the club A month later they visited the first school to start the lectures for the students bilingual. This program will be expanded and constantly developed with its new Virtual Reality materials.

The goal of this program is to provide solid and actionable ways for each individual to play a part in the solution going forward. The program focuses on children as the next generation of ambassadors for our planet and the ones positioned to have the greatest impact in making change and finding solutions so that we can live a sustainable future.