Speaker Profile: Laurie Martin

Laurie M. Martin is a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, Crisis/Risk Management Educator, Crisis Support Interventionist, life strategist, author, and professional speaker who educates and empowers others through customized, people-focused training and coaching for life’s interruptions. She has worked one-one-one with leaders representing some of the world’s top golf clubs and has supported management, employees and members through crisis situations.

Laurie has built a solid reputation for educating, creating quick response crisis checklists, setting up command posts, and supporting people through traumatic crisis situations throughout North America and the UK and Caribbean. She has helped people during notorious tragedies, like the September 11th terrorist attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing, Connecticut shooting crisis, hurricane Irma, as well as countless workplaces crises and personal traumas.

Her second best seller: Life Interrupted – Greater Success by Managing Life’s Toughest Moments, has a unique focus on the workplace, and guides leaders and individuals through communicating and helping effectively when high scale situation comes to work or affects a worker personally. Today’s leaders are expected to know what to say and do to guide their teams through any situation.

Laurie has been interviewed on television, radio, and online, including appearances on CNN and CBC. She written articles in over 200 publications and has helped thousands of people internationally with crisis team training and support.

Her articles, always packed with practical advice, have recently appeared in CMAA’s Back of the House blog, Club Management, The BoardRoom, PCA Plus, and Club Manager Quarterly – the Journal of the Canadian Society of Club Managers.

Session Description

When Crisis Happens. “Before, during and after the unthinkable”

Core Competencies Covered: Club Governance, Human and Professional Resources, Leadership, Inter-personal Skills, Facilities Management, Health & Safety

If you think that crisis/emergency training is a somber affair, the elephant in the room that everyone is trying to ignore, you haven’t experienced Laurie Martin’s inspiring, upbeat and engaging style. She will show you how you can immediately and easily start designing an effective plan to update your current plans that all management and members can engage in and stay safe! No more second guessing with this unique program! Learn how you can lead your team to take charge and be accountable. Laurie will empower you with the people skills you need to motivate your staff to keep the emergency plans current and your people safe.

She takes leadership skills training to a whole new level by helping to simplify the crisis/emergency planning process. You will learn what constitutes a crisis, the components that make a good plan effective and the necessary tasks you and your team need to prepare for a crisis situation, respond effectively when it occurs and for the days following.

Laurie has over 17,000 hours of frontline experience, including a practical risk-management background with one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. She has helped leaders of the world’s top golf clubs stay focused and in control in crisis situations, while keeping relationships and member service a priority. Laurie will show you how you can quickly apply user-friendly CrisisREADY© checklists, help you determine who should make up the crisis/emergency response team for your club and what to look for when considering bringing in external resources as part of your effective plan.

Don’t wait for something to happen, prepare now with quick and effective planning steps. Knowledge is power! With action, it reduces fear and builds the confidence you and your team need to respond effectively to any crisis situation.

Learn practical life strategies you will never forget – and more – from one of North America’s leading CrisisREADY®experts!

Learning Outcomes

  • Hear and share real life stories
  • Learn the characteristics of a crisis
  • Gain a deeper understanding of people and the reaction they may experience during a difficult situation
  • Learn best practices and strategies for dealing with crises
  • Discover new tactics to become resilient, focused and relevant, and be more confident when helping your team and your members
  • Gain a new awareness and an appreciation for the strength of the human spirit