MDP Frequently asked questions

What is the Management Development Programme?

The CMAE’s Management Development Programme is a series of week long (Mon-Fri) education courses focused on the Core Competencies of Club Management, all designed to help Club Industry Supervisors and Managers become more informed, perform better at their jobs and help them progress on their career path in Club Management.

The MDP pathway was originally developed by the Club Managers Association of America who have been successfully running the programme (called BMI) since the 1980’s.

CMAE recognised the need for a formal academic program for the European Club industry that mirrored the standard of education being offered to club managers not only in America, but throughout the world and thanks to the vision and generosity of CMAA, the programme was gifted to CMAE who have adapted the materials for the European, Middle East and Northern Africa’s Golf, Sports and City Club Markets.

Do I need to be currently working in a club to enrol on the MDP programme?

No you don’t. We have had many delegates on MDP courses who were not working at a club but looking to start their careers in club management, or working in the industry but not at a club e.g. working for a National Governing Body.

By enrolling on the MDP you are showing a commitment to your education and professional development which potential employers will like to see.

Do I have to attend an MDP 1 course before attending MDP 2?

No you don’t. It is recommended that you attend MDP 1 before MDP 2 as that is the order in which the courses were designed, however if you are unable to attend an MDP 1 before the MDP 2 we will accept first time delegates on the MDP 2 courses.

It is also not a requirement to have attended MDP 1 or 2 prior to attending any of the specialty courses – Food & Beverage, Golf Management, Sport & Recreation or Strategy & Leadership.

Can I attend an MDP course that is hosted in a different Country?

Yes. All of our courses are delivered in English and are open to any club manager to attend regardless of location. Now also offered in Spanish in Spain (more languagues will come)

How much does it cost to attend an MDP course?

Our courses are held at different locations across Europe, Middle East & Northern Africa so the cost of a course is variable depending on where it is held. All courses include accommodation, all course material and breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. You would have to budget for travel & dinners.

Are the courses residential?

The majority of our MDP courses are residential and the cost of 4 nights accommodation (Monday-Thursday, half board basis) will be included in your delegate fee and booked on your behalf.

The residential aspect of our courses creates the opportunity for delegates to network and build relationships with each other during the the week, ensuring that at the end of the course, the delegates will have built up a strong network of fellow club industry professionals.

Is there an exam at the end of a course?

There is a multiple choice test at the end of all MDPs and the pass mark is 70%. During MDP 2 you will also be required to take part in a group executive case study and presentation, and on MDP 3 Strategy & Leadership you will write a recommendation on a case study which you will work on the entire week.

Who are the educators on the MDP?

All of our MDP educators are recruited from the club industry and include business coaches, consultants and serving club managers. For a list of some of our educators please click here.

Delegates will be asked to complete an evaluation after each session on an MDP and asked to score the session based on the presenter, the session content and the relevancy to your job. This enables CMAE to constantly track the performance of our educators and will make sure the sessions always remain relevant to current club managers.

Do I gain a qualification by participating in the MDP pathway?

Yes. We have two levels of certification available to those managers engaged in the MDP pathway, the European recognised Club Management Diploma (CMDip) and the globally-recognised Certified Club Manager (CCM) certification.

How do I attain the Club Management Diploma (CMDip)?

The Club Management Diploma is available to any delegates who have completed both MDP 1 and MDP 2. Delegates will be required to pass the multiple choice tests set at the end of both MDP 1 and MDP 2, successfully deliver the group case study set during the week of MDP 2 and successfully complete a work based assignment where they take on a problem at their club and resolve it by applying the key learnings from the MDP curriculum, by the required deadline after MDP 2.

Upon successful completion of these requirements and a satisfactory pass mark, the delegate will be awarded the CMAE Club Management Diploma. Any delegate who does not reach the pass mark required will have an opportunity to re-submit their assignment.

There is no maintenance requirement for the diploma, however it is a requirement for diploma holders to remain CMAE members in order to retain their CMDip status.

For more information about the Club Management Diploma click here.

How do I become a Certified Club Manager (CCM)?

The Certified Club Manager (CCM) is available to serving club managers with a minimum of 6 years experience in a management position at a club and is achieved through sitting an examination.

To be eligible to sit the CCM exam you must have successfully completed four of the six courses on the MDP pathway, which includes MDP parts 1 & 2, MDP 3 Strategy & Leadership plus one of either MDP Food & Beverage, MDP Sport & Recreation or MDP Golf Operations. You will also be required to have attended the CMAA World Conference at least once and have gained 300+ CMAE  Education/Association credits.

For more information on the Certified Club Manager, CCM Exam and the eligibility requirements click here

Are the CMAE qualifications industry recognised?

Yes. Our Club Management Diploma is recognised across Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa with hundreds of Club Managers having now gained this certification. It has also received recognition from leading club industry recruitment firms.

The Certified Club Manager is globally recognised as a valuable and widely respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry.

What activities do CMAE award credits for?

We have two types of credits – Education and Association.

Education credits are awarded for any kind of educational activity related to the club management industry. This could be anything from a one day workshop or seminar organised by our Alliance partners or other club management organisations, to courses delivered by universities, colleges and other academic institutions.

Association credits are awarded for a member’s support of, and participation in CMAE and Affiliated Association activity. For example, attendance at Annual General Meetings, or serving as a Director or Officer on the Board etc..