Leadership Summit Session: The Power of Culture

Culture will define your club, it’s your guiding principle, it is a shared system of beliefs, it directs and guides the way your team acts and feels. Consumers and members are looking for more than they used to, a sense of alignment and engagement, they don’t just want to be a member, they want to believe that the clubs culture aligns with theirs. This session will look at how you can build an amazing culture in your organization, developing a compelling vision, mission and values and a great case study on ensuring diversity is part of your culture.

Presented by: Andrew Whitelaw CCM, General Manager at Portmarnock Golf Club and Francisco De Lancastre David CCM Cluster General Manager at Troon Golf Abu Dhabi 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the value of culture
  • How to develop a vision, mission and values
  • Integrating diversity into your club culture