Kevin Fish CCM


​Securing the CCM has been a huge help for my career, and life certainly got a whole lot easier in the board room having achieved that qualification




Kevin has over twenty years of experience in the club industry, including nine years serving as the Manager of the Glen GC in North Berwick, during which time he won the UK Club Manager of the Year award & was in the first group of Managers to secure the CCM designation in Europe. He spent seven years with the National Governing Body for golf in Scotland where he led a team specializing in supporting golf clubs to take a more business-like approach to their operations through a combination of effective governance, business planning and manager development.

Kevin was the Chairman of the CMAE Education Policy Board that introduced formal structured education to the club industry in Europe and as the Governance Gatekeeper in Europe consistently achieves high evaluations from delegates across the continent. He now sits on the CMAA Professional Development Committee responsible for overseeing the curriculum throughout the globe.

Kevin now runs his own training and consultancy firm Contemporary Club Leadership Ltd where he aims to help clubs do the right things, right.

You can contact Kevin on 07398155908 or [email protected]