Finnish Golf Managers Association

FGMA provides its members with opportunities to better fulfill its tasks through to professional development, well-being, the open exchange of information as intellectual recreation. At the same time, represented by the members of field organizations and the industry as a whole will benefit from the increasing capacity of key management, which provides FGMA the development of the entire golf industry sector in cooperation with other organizations.

FGMA represents the entire Finnish leaders in golf at a prestigious, professional, educated, active and co-operative player in the golf industry.

FGMA Board Members

  • Mika Nieminen – Chairman
  • Andrea Blomstedt
  • Lauri Manninen
  • Markku Ignatius
  • Jukka Ilva
  • Sami Pere
  • Antti Hiltunen
  • Heikki Hokkanen
  • Pertti Itkonen
  • Esa Meriläinen


To join the FGMA contact Andrea Blomstedt on [email protected]

For more information on FGMA visit