Renowned South African Club Manager to Speak at European Conference on Club Management

The CMAE is thrilled to announce Gustav Putter as one of the distinguished speakers for the European Conference on Club Management, scheduled to take place from 22-24 September in London.

Putter, renowned for his extensive experience in club management spanning 30 years, will deliver a compelling presentation titled “Touching Points between Surviving a Massive Stroke and 30 Years as a Club Manager.”

For the past four decades, Gustav has been in the sport and leisure and related corporate industry of which 30 years was spent as a club manager. He believes in maintaining high moral and ethical standards in the workplace. He retired end of September 2021, after having completed eight years as the General Manager of The River Club in Johannesburg, arguably one of the most exclusive private golf courses in Africa. 

He then suffered a stroke shortly after retiring, and now applies those challenges brought about by the stroke to inspire management and employees to be better. By maintaining high moral and ethical standards, it will improve work performance, and teamwork, and create a better work environment. He firmly believes any entity can be changed if all levels of management are held to the highest moral and ethical standards.

“We are honoured to have Gustav Putter join us as a speaker at the European Conference on Club Management,” said Torbjorn Johansson, CEO of the CMAE. “Gustav’s journey is one of remarkable resilience and determination, having faced and overcome tremendous challenges throughout his life. His insights and experiences will undoubtedly resonate with our attendees, offering valuable lessons in overcoming adversity and achieving success in the face of challenges.”

Delegates have until the 31st March to take advantage of savings with the early bird delegate rate.

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