Learn how to unlock employee engagement at this year’s European Conference on Club Management

The CMAE is delighted to announce that Ciara Aspinall, a renowned expert in behavioural leadership and employee engagement, will be delivering a keynote address at the upcoming European Conference on Club Management on 22-24 September in London.

Aspinall’s presentation, titled “Unlocking The Power Of Employee Engagement,” promises to provide invaluable insights and strategies for club managers and industry professionals seeking to optimise their workforce and foster a culture of engagement within their clubs during periods of change.

With over two decades of experience in helping businesses to achieve excellence through their people, Ciara Aspinall is widely recognised for her innovative approaches to enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. Through her engaging and thought-provoking presentation style, she will offer practical techniques and best practices on how your leadership approach, along with job satisfaction, salary and benefits, professional development, and well-being, can unlock employee engagement

CMAE CEO Torbjorn Johansson commented “We are thrilled to have Ciara Aspinall as a keynote speaker at this year’s European Conference on Club Management. Her expertise in the field of employee engagement will empower club managers to excel in leadership and organisational effectiveness. This is a session not to be missed.”

For more information about the European Conference on Club Management and to register for the event, please visit https://www.cmaeurope.org /euro-conf-2024/