Italian Club Manager joins CCM ranks

The CMAE is delighted to announce that Marco Aquilino, CEO & General Manager at Golf Royal Park I Roveri has gained the internationally renowned Certified Club Manager (CCM) certification.  

Marco has an extensive career history in the club industry spanning over 15 years with experience at clubs in Italy including Golf Club Piandisole and Golf Club Castelconturbia. He has been in his current role at Golf Royal Park I Roveri for the past 6 years.

This esteemed certification is granted by the Club Management Association of Europe (CMAE) and recognises excellence and professionalism in club management.

The CCM designation has been the hallmark of professionalism in club management since 1965 and is the cornerstone of CMAE’s education programme. It is recognised globally as a valuable and widely respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry.

Well done on achieving the CCM, Marco Aquilino. How happy are you right now?
A lot! It’s definitely one of those achievements in life that you don’t forget. Really a huge satisfaction! 

Doing everything in a second language, English – how did you feel about that?
It is never easy to take an exam not in one’s mother tongue regardless of the level one has in that language. Especially in questions with two similar answers where even in one’s own language it would be difficult to understand which one is true. Moreover, this aspect wastes a little more time and, as we know, especially in this type of exam, time management is crucial.

What about your own CCM journey? What will you remember the most? You have done all 6 MDPs, what are Your highlights from them?
Personally, I would do them all again! They were each important in their own way and helped me a lot in my professional and personal growth. In my opinion, the MDPs, especially some of them, are real life experiences more than just courses. 

With regards to continue your personal pathway, what are your thoughts about that now?
The CCM is an excellent achievement, but it must be seen as a starting point for a further journey. Furthermore, I believe it is important to always have a mindset and attitude predisposed to continuous and constant updating.

Any recommendation for people considering the MDP Pathway? Or becoming a CCM?
For those who have never taken an MDP, I certainly recommend doing so as soon as possible and trying this training experience. On the other hand, for those who have already taken the course, I recommend trying to obtain the Ccm by studying and respecting the test but without an excessive fear of putting yourself on the line. It is not a failure to do it and then do it again, it is certainly more frustrating not to try it at all. I therefore advise everyone to work towards meeting the requirements and then start doing it.