CMAE announces partnership with Obbi Golf

It is fantastic to be able to announce Obbi Golf as another key partner to CMAE

CMAE International Project Manager Michael McCormack:

It is fantastic to be able to announce Obbi Golf as another key partner to CMAE. It has been great to meet with Gareth, Catherine and Ryan from the Obbi team. They have an infectious enthusiasm and are very proud of their platform which has already won multiple awards including most recent Innovative Platform of the Year. We can’t wait to start meeting up with the CMAE Tribe to demonstrate how effective it is across all key departments.

In recent meetings with some of our Member Clubs, the feedback has been great with multiple early-adopter Clubs in the South and North of Ireland signing up immediately.

Obbi Golf is a revolutionary cloud based integrated Compliance, Safety & Training platform. Obbi Golf helps both managers and committees as well as every member of the team, fulfil their obligations and comply with their legal duty of care. This includes everything from on-boarding & training of staff, all audits and checks through to safety or incidents. Obbi is unique because it connects key departments including HR, Health & Safety and Operations to proactively deliver and record all club standards safely and efficiently through its integrated suite of Guardians.

Please check Obbi Golf out on:

Obbi Founder and CEO Gareth Macklin:

We are privileged to partner with the CMAE and to be able to showcase our Obbi Golf platform to all of the Tribe members. We have been delighted with all of the positive feedback, especially how many see the platform will revolutionise how clubs manage their Compliance, Safety & Training. We’re delighted to have some very senior members of the wider golf family as part of our team who many will recognise including Wilma Erskine and Ryan Bell. We were especially delighted to have numerous clubs and managers see the value in recent weeks and already signed up as early adopters with us after just one demonstration session.

We have put almost 5 years of time and effort into the research and development of this platform and have worked with some of the top stakeholders across the country including the Safety Executive, Legal, Insurance and a wide range of both golf and industry experts. To get such a positive early response has been amazing. We look forward to working closely with Michael, Toby, Debbie and all at CMAE for a long time to come. We are also very excited to be able to meet all of the CMAE Tribe! Our team are looking forward to hearing from you and their information is below for you to reach out to them at any time.

For Further Details please check out Obbi Golf: or contact Ryan Bell: [email protected]