Club Managers Are a Miserable Lot

Get almost any group of Club Managers in the same room and the group whinging can produce enough energy to power a small town.

An ‘Out of Bounds’ article by David Roy CCM

Get almost any group of Club Managers in the same room and the group whinging can produce enough energy to power a small town. Oh how we are put upon, taken for granted and generally treated like serfs. I am of course exaggerating but we do all indulge in this activity to some degree and it makes us feel better because we are not alone. We will at some time encounter a Board President who will micro-manage, or is ego driven and pushing a vanity project and it is a comfort to know that others have the same problem and that there is no magic wand that can control these situations – just a great deal of hard work.

Our industry attracts happy people and this is most obvious when we collect together at the bar, or over a coffee at a seminar. There is always much laughter in the room and it a big reason why we do what we do.

The importance of networking with other club managers and sharing our horror stories cannot be overlooked and it is why we engage so readily with like-minded people in our industry to do so. However, it is vital to know when to stop. Don’t get sucked into the mire of self-pity and become a misery to be around. Here’s a list of ten ways to avoid being avoided:

1. Make yourself laugh. It is a known fact that smiling and laughing releases endorphins and will make you feel better. Make sure you do this once every hour – but it’s harder than you think.

2. Seek out happy people. If there are positive happy people in your staff, spend time with them each day. Either that or look out for the happiest members you know and spend a little less time worrying about the negative people in your organisation.

3. Read well. Make sure that in your reading list is a book that tickles your sense of humour.

4. Watch silly movies. A trip to the cinema can be an enlivening experience if you are properly amused. I would challenge anyone to watch Paddington and not leave smiling.

5. Share silly YouTube clips. There are several million stupid YouTube clips that circulate in everyone’s digital circle of friends. If you are feeling low – indulge yourself.

6. Get up and walk. This is the most repeated advice and for a good reason – it works! A little bit of exercise in itself is a good thing but a walk in the sunshine is sometimes the tonic you need to break a low spirit.

7. Eat well. You already know that a chocolate bar for lunch is a bad thing, so restrict the sugar rush to late in the afternoon when you most need it and take it in moderation.

8. Don’t drink too much coffee. Try a speciality tea in the afternoon instead.

9. Avoid a hangover. Obvious but still valid.

10. Get life into perspective. It’s never as bad as you think and somewhere, some other poor sod is having a far worse time than you!