Attending the European Conference on a budget

We have already established the benefits of attending a conference and why attending the European Conference on Club Management will be so rewarding. However, with a cost of living crisis looming and a global increase in energy bills we understand that it maybe difficult to justify the cost. 

Here are some tips on attending the European Conference on a budget 

Get support from your employer
Not all clubs will be in a position or willing to sponsor you for a conference attendance, but if they can agree to cover the cost of all or part of your registration fee this will go a long way to making your trip more affordable. We have a draft justification letter that you can download and use to help justify your attendance to your employers. Offering your employer a report after the conference on things learned and changes for the better that could be made emphasises the benefit to the club of you attending. 

Payment plan
Don’t have the budget this year? Not to worry, you can set up a payment plan with CMAE to pay for your registration fee over time, or in 2023. Just let us know! 

Travel & Accommodation 
You will find most major airports offer flights to Tenerife and the earlier you book the better the price. Websites like Skyscanner all link to the same database for flights and will find you multiple options for the lowest price. 

Travel sites like or will provide packages for both hotels and flights together. 

Not only is our main conference hotel offering 10% discount to all delegates at the conference, there are many other hotels to suit all budgets and within a reasonable walking distance to the conference. Take a look our some of the hotel options on our website or have a look online to find other options. 

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