Creating Tribal Magic

Building, Strengthening and Energizing the Club Community


Great clubs are like tribes—a community of like minded, values driven people, selected, emotionally connected, bonded together through experience, energized and inspired by leadership to pursue and achieve.

Great tribes have “magic”—rituals, symbols, language and experiences that transform the ordinary into the profound, the routine into the memorable, every story into a parable, “orientation” into a “rite of passage,” dining into a “memorable moment”. 

Great tribes have a special something—unique, memorable, energizing, embracing— that distinguishes them from the ordinary, lifts them to a higher plateau of community, welds them together through good times and bad. An esprit de corps that’s unbreakable and transcendent. 

Tribe doesn’t just happen. It’s built one step at a time. With leadership—from the General Manager and the Board of Directors, from the Supervisors and the Committee Chairmen. It takes communication from “those who know” to “those who want to know”—continuous, open, comprehensive, from the management to the staff, from the board to the members, from the members to the staff. Tribal Magic is nurtured through endless preaching, teaching and facilitating by the leadership, touching all who are part of The Tribal Experience.

Every club’s looking for a competitive edge in an ever more competitive world.
Tribal Magic gives clubs who have “It”- The Edge.

This seminar will address the principles of Tribe and will provide tactics for creating a stronger member community, a stronger staff community and a stronger member-staff community – that will, in these ever more competitive times, help the clubs “who do” to “spank the competition.