CMAE Scotland: Presentation Skills

All people in the club industry are required from time-to-time to provide professional presentations to members, committee, management teams, industry peers, and others. These presentations are a crucial part of a club manager, department head or leader’s role and the quality of each presentation has serious implications for the image of the club and your status as a professional

CEOs and managers comment that progression and career prospects into senior management is hugely influenced by the ability to present professionally whilst many club members will be ruthless when they don’t get a message presented professionally from their club’s leaders. Therefore without formal training in presenting and the confidence to deliver well club managers in the industry could be missing out.

This three-day presentation course will provide you with the opportunity to develop presentation skills and practice your presentations –you will be encouraged to bring a real-life presentation scenario that you will face in the near future allowing you to prepare with expert guidance.

Aims of this professional development seminar

  • Provide delegates with a clear understanding of the role of presenting in and on behalf of their Club.
  • Equip individuals to be able to assess the needs of each presentation , be it one to one, small group, large group, seminar, conference, planned or impromptu, internal or external audience and structure their delivery accordingly.
  • Provide a clear process for construction of high impact presentations.
  • Allow individuals to confront their personal apprehensions concerning presentations and provide personal ‘tools’ for managing them.
  • Provide a non-threatening environment in which individuals can practice successful presentation skills.
  • Provide a template which will equip further development and learning for the remainder of their career.

Special Guest Presenter

Bill Sanderson, The Business Performance Coach, is a regular presenter at the Management Development Programme and international education events. For more than 20 years he has helped people and businesses as a trainer, coaching and advice. His list of clients includes the media, and golf & sport manufacturers, retailers and golf governing bodies.

Target audience for this seminar

This event is aimed at Club Managers/Secretaries, heads of departments and those will responsibility for presenting in the club industry.

How do I book a place on this seminar?

Demand for this course is expected to be high and places are limited to maximise the value to delegates – as such we are asking those interested in attending this education event to register by emailing Dean Wands on [email protected], with the details of those who want to attend.