CMAE Leadership Summit – Presentations and Recordings

Welcome – Torbjorn Johansson

Welcome and Summit Overview by Torbjorn Johansson, CMAE Director of Education


Why should I be led by you? – Biddy Lloyd-Jones

A manager title is given to you, a leadership title has to be earned by those you lead. It is attained, not ascribed. The word ‘leadership’ by definition requires followers. So why should they be led by you?

This session will look at the difference between leadership and management and why attitude and behaviour are so important.It will touch on the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and how true leadership comes from within.

This is a participative session and we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of what authentic leadership really means.


The Power of Culture – Andrew Whitelaw & Francisco de Lancastre David

Culture will define your club, it’s your guiding principle, it is a shared system of beliefs, it directs and guides the way your team acts and feels. Consumers and members are looking for more than they used to, a sense of alignment and engagement, they don’t just want to be a member, they want to believe that the clubs culture aligns with theirs.

This session will look at how you can build an amazing culture in your organization, developing a compelling vision, mission and values and a great case study on ensuring diversity is part of your culture.


US Industry Trends – Jeff Morgan

We live in a world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) that requires managers of business and clubs to more nimble and forward focused. Watching trends is one way to be prepared for what may impact your club, your management team, and your members.

In this session, Jeff Morgan (CMAA’s CEO) will briefly share 6 areas that include 36 trends you should be watching. Morgan will then spend the majority of the session time on 23 emerging American trends that are specifically related to the pandemic. While European or global trends may not specifically mirror American trends, this session will provide concrete take-a-ways for considerations for your own club and your own VUCA situation.


Creativity and Innovation drives excellence – Tom Wallace

The benefits of creativity and innovation in the workplace are countless. Driving creativity and innovation within your organization leads to higher team engagement and will unlock a more meaningful culture, which will produce more robust results.

The most outstanding organizations and leaders foster a culture of creativity and innovation. The most talented and driven future employees want to go work not just for an organization focused on creativity but for a great leader with innovative ideals.