Speaker Profile: Troed Troedson

The future is not just a new course, it’s a totally new ballgame.

Most of what we know when it comes to management and organization are results from the industrial revolution in the 19’th century. Even a golf club is said to be a part of “the golf industry”.

Right now, these fundamental truths are changing again. In pretty much the same way as then, the conditions for success, competence and competition is changing so rapidly that we have a hard time keeping up. That is why new players seems to be so successful almost without effort while older, and more experienced, actors on almost any market are losing shares and positions.

To conquer this, all we have to do is to understand the rules and conditions of the new playfield. Those rules are not very hard, neither to understand nor follow, but they are often counterintuitive to what we consider sound business practice.

Why this is so, and how to handle it, is presented by Troed Troedson, one of Sweden’s most well-known and engaged future analysts. Troed has, for the last twenty years, worked with companies such as IKEA, H&M and Ericsson as well as with governmental organizations in- and outside of Sweden.

Session Description

Core competencies covered: external and governmental influences.

Everything we know about organisation and management is built on a few, very specific, premises. These are by no means constant throughout history. On the contrary, they change and above all, they are changed by technological leaps. Our present society, and it’s rules, is built on the steam engine, electricity and the combustion engine. Energy technology, in short, destroyed the logics and mechanisms that we were used to. Instead it created conditions for what we came to label “the information society” or “the knowledge society”.

Now, information technology is doing pretty much the same thing. Exactly as Fredric Taylor and others came to certain conclusions on how to best organize a factory, we are now able to figure out how to best organise a post-industrial business (or a golf club).

Learning outcomes

  • Five fundamental management rules for the 21:th century.