Speaker Profile: Janne Willems

Janne Willems is an artist, social activist, author, and speaker who believes that trust can change the world. With this mission in mind, Janne founded the Seize Your Moments project in 2010 and embarked upon a global expedition to connect with 11,500 people in 30 different countries. For four years, Janne was “homeless by choice,” traveling from park to park, couch to couch to capture the enduring spirit of individuals who–time and time again–chose to see the beautiful moments amid life’s greatest challenges. Since that time, Janne has shared her story hundreds of times with audiences ranging from CEOs in Dubai to students in Vietnam. She has been a speaker at TEDx twice (including the first TEDx to be held on a train world wide) and is currently living in the United States working on a documentary on trust and society in America. Janne received her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience and a second Masters Degree in philosophy from the University of Utrecht. She’s the author of Pluk Je Momenten, a Dutch book that tells the inspiring tale of the numerous individuals she met in her travels. In her free time, Janne can be found doodling, woodworking, or devising ways to make vegetables taste amazing.

One of the most influencing factors in employee engagement is trust. People at high-trust companies report 74% less stress, 50% higher productivity and 76% more engagement compared to people at low-trust companies. It pays to build a trusting environment. But how?

For two years, Janne Willems traveled the world with markers, empty postcards and one question: Do you want to draw a beautiful moment? Solely relying on the kindness of strangers, ten thousand people in 30 countries joined. She combines the insights from this remarkable journey with the latest findings in neuroscience. Learn from her astonishing and inspiring story how to build a community of trust in any environment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to increase trust in conversations
  • Boosting up your own levels of trust
  •  Management strategies for trust