CCM Q&A: Ascanio Pacelli CCM

Ascanio Pacelli is the Club Manager and Head Pro at Terre de Consoli Golf Club in Italy. He is also a television host, radio host and Italian actor and has been a professional since 1997. Ascanio gained his CCM in 2017 and sat on the Board of the CMAE for two years. 

In this Q&A Ascanio explains how he entered the world of club management and how he manages his time between family, work and public engagements. 

How did you come to enter the world of club management?

In 2010, a famous Italian developer, asked me to be present at the press conference for the presentation of his golf club Terre dei Consoli. In that period my life was very busy, between tv shows and my life as a golf professional. I accepted to join that conference, and I told him to  instead of giving me a fee, to donate it to a charity.

From that moment, we decided to work together, and he offered me to become GM of this golf club. I decided to accept, but even though I was born in a golf club, thanks to my friend Arnaldo Cocuzza and my hunger to evolve, pushed me to start my development, through the CMAE pathway.

You are somewhat of a celebrity in Italy, having appeared in Big Brother and making a number of television and radio appearances over the years. Is there any way this can be used to the advantage of the club? 

Yes, my celebrity status, helped my club and the Italian golf as well to let it be more popular, although nobody of the Italian golf federation asked me to work together for the development of this sport.

With a tv show on Sky Sport and with my socials, I have tried to change the idea of this sport, with the concept of flexibility and accessibility.

I believe that’s the only way to promote and let this game develop, is to use golf club as a pretext for let them come inside, without any kind of pressure or coercion.

You gained your CCM last year after working your way through the CMAE Management Development Programme. How proud were you when you found out you had passed, can you compare it to any other achievement in your life?

I remember that phone call from Nigel…….something incredible.

I felt the same sensation when I was so close to win my first tournament as a pro, and the day after the Challenge Tour event that I’ve organized at Terre dei Consoli.

I’m very proud, and I know that this is only the beginning…..

How do you see the club industry developing in Italy over the next 10 years?

Italy is a country with an unbelievable potential, but with people that put their own interest first than the development of this sport. My dream is to work abroad, and to start a new adventure in the US.

You are obviously a busy man! How do you balance your time between running a club, public appearances and having a young family?

I’ve a twin…:-)

I love to work, I love to share my ideas and to learn from others. I’ve always chosen to be a consultant instead of an employee, due to my personal behaviour. This permits me to be free, and to manage my life better.

I mixed every day my job, my life spent with my family, my hobbies like running and Crossfit and my tv experience. I use every moment of my life, for my personal development and to improve all the places where i work or live.