Associazone Italia Tecnici di Golf

L ‘ Italian Technical Association of Golf , founded in 1972, formerly named Italian Golf Association Secretaries and Greenkeepers (AISGG), was formed with the aim of bringing together the leaders responsible for the Golf Club Management. It has the clear objective to create professional contacts and cooperation among the members, in order to allow the exchange of information and experiences between colleagues, as well as promote all initiatives that can contribute to the professional growth of stakeholders and encourage all forms of assistance to benefit of its members.

AITG Board Members

  • Fabrizio Paglietinni
  • Marco Antonangeli
  • Davide Santagostino
  • Tiziana Panizzolo
  • Filippo Baruzzi
  • Mariano Merlano
  • Maurizio Novella
  • Rita Genovese

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