Asociacion Espanola De Gerentes De Golf

The Spanish Golf Managers Association is constituted for the promotion and defense of corporate and professional interests of members, directors and managers of clubs and golf courses.

The Association is primarily intended to organize, promote, develop and represent the profession of director and / or manager Clubs and Golf Courses, monitoring (watching) by the professional and ethical standards of its members.

The Association will advance best practices in the concept and techniques of management and direction of a golf club, will assist its members and clubs where members carry out their professional work and act as an organ of communication between partners managers, institutions and the golf industry.

AEGG Board Members

  • Salvador Alvarez Escobar – President
  • Manuel Lozano Pose
  • Ignacio del Cuvillo Cano
  • Marcos Leria
  • Luis Navarro
  • Ulf Svenson
  • Rafael García Buitrago
  • Jesús Canteli
  • Vidal Carralero
  • Ignacio Iturbe
  • Enrique Gil Octavio de Toledo
  • Bernat Llobera
  • Juan Monzo Lacueva
  • Jordi Puig Cañada
  • Gerardo Mosquera González
  • Bruno Lilieur
  • Emilio Lustau
  • Ignacio Sánchez
  • Guillermo Navarro
  • Francisco Patiño Arranz
  • Carlos Pitarch Little
  • Carlos Santos


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