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The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) has a network of 6500 industry professionals in the; sport, leisure, fine dining, country club, hospitality and tourism industry. Student membership will allow you to network and communicate to each of our members, contacting them on such student opportunities as;

    • Internships
    • Placements
    • Over-seeing work
    • Graduate jobs
    • Mentor positions

Contacting members directly via the CMAE enhances your personal brand, showing that you are dedicated and mature enough to make things happen rather than waiting for others to present opportunities. 

To help students in their early careers find opportunities, we regularly include an article about a student or graduate in our newsletter, informing the industry of what opportunities they are after, previous experience and education. This also increases their personal brand, getting their name out into the industry. We are currently developing a new student chapter which is almost ready to be launched, to be updated when this happens, please subscribe to our newsletter below!

Employers/ Club Managers

If you would like to know more information about the different types of student contracts and implications involved when employing a student, please Click here. The document informs you of the;

    • Different types of contracts
    • Real benefits to the employer
    • Explanations on the sort of jobs students can carry out, supervision and paperwork needed to be completed
    • The next step when creating the student positions
The association is currently in the process of rapidly expanding its student chapter, if you want to get on board, please seriously consider taking on a highly educated and enthusiastic student by clicking the below link.

Graduate Positions

For graduate positions, we use the facilities of our partner, Colt Mackenzie Mcnair (CMM) that provide global golf industry recruitment solutions. They have offices in the UK and the Middle east and have a team of recruitment experts, who have unrivaled market intelligence and golf industry experience. With their facilities, you can submit your CV and enter their talent pool whilst searching for the graduate jobs you desire in the industry of golf.

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