Seminars and Courses

The CMAE and partners have created a series of seminars and courses to help fulfil two of the CMAE’s objectives;

    • To provide and promote education events to meet diverse needs
    • To provide members with networking opportunities, assistance with career development, employment opportunities and recruitment.
CMAE student members receive a discount on registration to these seminars and courses set up by the association and external partners, however we understand that the prices are still fairly expensive in comparison to student budgets. As a result, we encourage all students to communicate to other student members to decide on if they would like to share transport, accommodation and other costs and agree to only go to a select few seminars to save costs. 


The association will post on the social media sites information on the different seminars and courses, keeping students updated on the latest networking and education events. If you are interested attending a particular event and want to share costs, please simply engage with the content by commenting about your situation and request to share costs. The association will notify you of anyone else seeking the same opportunities.

Future Leader: Management Development Programme

Do you want to be a future leader in the club industry? Development your skills and knowledge through the only management development programme in the club industry. CMAE Members, including student members receive a discount on the courses fees, however they are open for all to take. We advise students to ask the club they are employed by to part fund these courses as a way of investing in their future leaders and talent. View the segments of the course below:

  • Club Management Level One
  • Club Management Level Two
  • Golf Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Courses in the USA

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