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Golf Salaries and Benefits 2013

In 2012 with much of the club industry still hit by the 2007 recession, the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) and Bournemouth University completed an industry survey into the salaries and benefits in the club industry to benchmark against the 2010 findings. The CMAE’s database was used to contact European Golf, City, Sport, Tennis and Sailing clubs.

The general consensus from the survey was that the difference in salary and benefits across clubs in 2010 and 2013 in Europe was marginal. Other parts of the survey found:

    • 75% of clubs are owned by members
    • 51% of clubs have between 501 and 1,000 members
    • 51% of clubs have gross revenues of below €1 Million
    • 30% of respondents earn a gross salary of €40,000 or less
    • 64% of managers do not receive a bonus
    • 96% of clubs have 1-5 permanent part-time employees
    • Golf Professionals and catering services are most likely to be outsourced
    • 26% of respondents have a professional qualification
    • 48% of managers do not have an industry-specific qualification

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