Resilience on the agenda as new speaker announced for the European Conference

The CMAE is delighted to announce that Eddie Burnham-West, a Mental Health Specialist Consultant & Coach at GreyCircle, as a speaker at the upcoming European Conference on Club Management on 22-24 September in London.

Eddie West-Burnham will deliver a highly anticipated session titled “Hunt Success, Don’t Fear Failure – Resilience in the Workplace,” where he will delve into the critical role resilience plays in overcoming adversity. His presentation will explore how developing resilience can empower individuals and organizations to bounce back from challenges, learn from experiences, grow stronger, and thrive even in the most demanding circumstances.

With a wealth of experience in mental health coaching and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, Eddie’s expertise in fostering resilient mindsets and cultures has helped numerous clients navigate through tough times and emerge more robust and adaptive.

CMAE CEO Torbjorn Johansson commented “We are thrilled to have Eddie as a speaker at this year’s European Conference on Club Management. His insights into resilience are not only timely but essential for today’s fast-paced and often unpredictable world.”

For more information about the European Conference on Club Management and to register for the event, please visit /euro-conf-2024/