New legislation on data protection and the impact on your club

Following over four years of negotiation, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in April this year and will come into effect in 2018.

Following over four years of negotiation, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in April this year and will come into effect in 2018.

What are the regulations for?

The new law comes following the ever increasing digital era of the internet, mobile devices, online banking and social media, replacing the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. This new legislation is intended to better protect your club members against data breaches caused by service providers. Businesses will benefit through the harmonisation of European data protection regulations therefore making it easier to comply.

What is the impact on your club?

You may have seen last year, TalkTalk received a £400,000 fine for their customers personal data being leaked. Those not conforming to the new requirements can expect fines amounting to as much as 4% of their previous year’s global revenue (or €20 million, depending on which is greater).

Come 2018, your club must keep track of sensitive personal data and have proven audit trails of the processing of such information. Should a breach occur, notification to the data protection authorities must be provided within 72 hours – In the UK it is the Information Commissioner’s Office.

For those handling considerable amounts of sensitive customer information, a special data protection officer must be appointed. Arming these individuals with the tools for data governance will be key.

Clubs face significant risk not only financially with potential fines but also the impact in reputation in the event of a data breach. With these new regulations, members are likely to challenge clubs on their data protection governance before making a decision.

There is no doubt that this new law will affect almost every club in some way and therefore it will be essential to preserve members’ expectations and trust to remain successful. Any club not protecting their members’ data sufficiently will be at severe risk of losing custom to competitors.

How can DMC help?

Secure Print

  • Avoid sensitive documents sitting uncollected at the printer
  • Allows users to release print jobs from any device.
  • Encrypt print jobs from the user PC to device.
  • Anonymise print file names.
  • Monitor content of documents being printed, copied or scanned to prevent duplication of documents of the highest sensitivity.
  • Device Hard disk Erase or Encryption to prevent lose of data from printer Hard Drives

Document Management

  • Automate the storage, management and tracking of all documents.
  • Distribute to the relevant department automatically from the scanner.
  • Apply rules based print and scan to prevent sensitive data from being copied.

Version Control

  • View what changes have been made to a document, when and by whom.
  • Record all changes to a file or set of files and ensure your staff are using the most up-to-date data.
  • Create user identity profiles.

Access Rights

  • Prevent sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.
  • Manage user permissions for use of specific documents within your business.
  • Apply protocol settings to print and scanning devices.
  • Create user identity directories that include guest permissions.

For further information please contact Elliott Shepherd at DMC on [email protected] or 020 8253 4652