Middle East Diploma Successes come in 3’s

Three Middle East Golf industry professionals received their Club Management Diplomas at a recent presentation ceremony in Dubai.

Three Middle East Golf industry professionals  received their Club Management Diplomas at a recent presentation ceremony in Dubai.

The Diploma is awarded across Europe and the Middle East by the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) as a key qualification in its Management Development Programme’s (MDP) education pathway.

Pictured – The Diploma recipients with CMAE’s Director of Education Michael Braidwood left and Dubai Golf’s CEO Chris May. From left to right Michael, Tim Neil, Andrea Faldella, Mohammed Attallah, Chris

The three successful recipients were Tim Neil, Director of Golf at Al Badia Golf Club, by Intercontinental; Andrea Faldella, Sales and Membership Manager at the Els Club Dubai, and Mohammed Attallah, Golf Business Development Consultant, Golf 1457, Egypt.

All three attended MDP Parts One and Two over a two year period, and attained their Diplomas by passing the end of programme exam, successfully fulfilling the requirements of an executive case study (that takes place during the week of MDP 2) and submitting and passing a work based assignment on a problem at their club that they resolved by applying the key learnings from the MDP curriculum.

Launched in 2011 the highly regarded MDP Pathway has already been promoted and delivered in Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Dubai. Each course delivers top class education to club managers and club industry professionals on the 10 core competencies of modern club management.

Michael Braidwood CCM, CMAE’s Director of Education said of their success “it always gives me pleasure to hand out the Diploma certificates to industry peers. I have seen them work incredibly hard during their time at MDP, and then apply that knowledge in their clubs. These people are changing the perception of club management in our industry, and given the number of clubs now appointing trained and qualified managers, others are taking note.”

Commenting on his success Mohammed Attallah said “I am extremely happy to have reached the first milestone in the CMAE educational pathway, in becoming a CMDip. Receiving my certificate in Dubai in front of distinguished company, has inspired me to continue on this adventure of learning, and reinforced my passion to develop golf even further in the Middle East”

The MDP pathway was originally developed by the Club Managers Association of America and thanks to their vision and insight has been shared with CMAE, who adapted the materials for the Golf, Sports and City Club Markets across Europe and the Middle East.

In 2016/17 CMAE will roll out another 12 MDP courses throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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Enhancing the playing experience
Increasing player satisfaction
Improving course quality
Increase speed of play





Understanding what players want
Attract new players
Using resources more efficiently





Increase player satisfaction
Increase biodiversity
Community Involvement
Pride in your club