High Impact CMAE webinars to be released for the whole industry

The CMAE is going to make two episodes of their webinar series, Powerplay 600 and Powerplay Coffeeshop, available for the public

The CMAE’s highly relevant and practical new Powerplay webinar programme, which is designed specifically to support and guide CMAE members through the current Covid-19 crisis, is being made public in order to support the whole of the club industry.

Two episodes of this high impact webinar series, Powerplay 600 and Powerplay Coffeeshop are now available to view publicly.

Watch as the CEO of Dubai Golf Chris May, CCM, shares with us what Dubai Golf is having to do in order to open their doors after being 5 weeks in lockdown in our latest Powerplay coffeeshop episode. 

In addition, one of the leading educators on the CMAE’s widely renowned MDP programme Darshan Singh will provide a step by step guide on how to lead your club and your team through the Corona Virus in the Powerplay 600 episode. 

“I am happy to be able to share what we now have been giving our members for quite some time, Director of Education Torbjörn “Toby” Johansson comments.
We have delivered over 10 webinars in the last weeks and have many more coming out for our membership. Only this week we are releasing 4 new webinars including Ross Matheson from AELTC (about cancelling Wimbledon), Darshan Singh new webinar on Emotional Intelligence + Kevin Fish, CCM on preparing for clubs opening after lockdown.”

Powerplay 600 and Powerplay Coffeeshop are the key elements of this topical and highly practical new initiative. Designed to have immediate impact for every manager and every Club in these fast moving times. They are fast becoming indispensable tools to help fight the Covid damage.

To view these two high impact webinars click the links below and feel free to share with anybody who you think will benefit from the content.