From the UK to the US – a perspective from new CCM Julian Sansom

In this article Julian Sansom, former General Manager of Llanwern Golf Club in Wales and CMAE member explains his journey on moving from the UK to the USA.

Realising his dream to work in the US club industry Julian embarked on his MDP pathway in 2015, completing the pathway in 4 years and is now Food & Beverage manager at the Country Club of Virginia.

Having recently sat his CCM exam Julian now joins the CMAE family of Certified Club Managers.

“It felt great to achieve the CCM designation last week in Atlanta. Said Julian. I have been striving for this designation for nearly eight years, and finally receiving confirmation meant a great deal to me. I feel honoured to join the list of CCMs in Europe.”

 “Julian is another example of someone using the Global Certification in the best of ways, comments CMAE CEO Torbjörn Johansson. Julian did training (MDPs) here in Europe, but moved the US and could sit the CCM Exam almost on arrival over there. A cooperation between associations in the best possible way. Congrats to Julian for showing the way.

In the video we can hear him supporting people on whatever path they want to take. He is forming his own path – and we are grateful of him and the CCV for producing this video for us.”

In this video Julian explains about his journey and the differences between the industry in the UK and the US and also his advice for anyone looking to make the move themselves.