First MDP dates for 2023 open for bookings

CMAE is pleased to announce that bookings are now open for the MDP part 1 course in Manchester on 23-27 January 2023 and MDP part 2 in Edinburgh on 6-10 February 2023.

MDP part 1 will take place in at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, a brand new venue that boasts stunning views over Manchester City centre.

Those participating in the MDP part 1 will have an excellent grasp of the 11 core competencies of club management and will have established a valuable network of support

for their career in this industry.

The MDP part 2 will return to the Village Hotel in Edinburgh situated just around the corner from the Royal Botanic Garden, near Edinburgh Zoo and Murrayfield Stadium.

MDP 2 follows on from the learning from part 1 and will help Club Managers to improve their management and critical thinking skill levels including time management, negotiation, team building and conflict resolution.

Both courses are open for bookings and the brochures can be downloaded at