Disengagement in sport: How can we keep girls in golf?

On behalf of the Club Managers Association of Europe, a Bournemouth University consultancy group have conducted a
study into how to keep girls engaged in golf.

A student-led research team from Bournemouth University (BU) has concluded their research on behalf of the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) to investigate how to keep girls (11-18) in golf.

This report that has been compiled by the BU consultancy group investigates why girls drop out of golf at an early age and what can be done to help keep them engaged in the sport. 

The report identifies that golf’s female role models should have more of a social media presence in order to interact with the younger generation, that there needs to be more of an opportunity for girls to participate in golf in schools, and that county development programmes need to provide more opportunities for recreational golfers rather than focusing on elite golf. 

Click here to download the report.