Success comes in threes

Three Club Industry professionals have recently achieved the globally recognized benchmark of excellence in Club Management

Three Club Industry professionals have recently achieved the globally recognized benchmark of excellence in Club Management by passing the Club Manager Association of Europe’s (CMAE) Certified Club Manager (CCM) examination raising the number of CCM’s to 39 Club Industry professionals across Europe.

The latest are: Debbie Pern CCM, General Manager at Deeside Golf Club, Scotland; Silvia Serrano CCM, Executive Assistant and Membership Manager, Real Club Valderrama and Fernando Padron CCM, Director of Operations also of Real Club Valderrama in Spain. 

Pictured left to right: Fernando Padron CCM, Debbie Pern CCM, Silvia Serrano CCM

CMAE’s Education Policy Board Chairman, James Burns CCM, commented on the success “I am delighted for Debbie, Silvia and Fernando. They have put education at the forefront of their career paths and were dedicated delegates at our Management development programmes. It is great to see the number of CCMs grow across Europe.”

Commenting on her success Debbie said “I am thrilled to achieve CCM status. The MDP pathway has been a fantastic learning experience right from part one to CCM. The high standard of presenters and learning material has definitely helped me grow in confidence and knowledge in my employment at Deeside Golf Club. I have met so many like-minded enthusiastic managers along with way and have built up a network of friends from all over the UK and Europe.”, Club Captain at Deeside Golf Club Scott Kelman said of the achievement “On behalf of Deeside Golf Club and our entire membership, I wish to congratulate Debbie on her tremendous achievement in becoming a fully Certified Club Manager. Becoming only one of thirty nine managers in Europe, and one of only two ladies, to achieve this qualification is a huge accolade for Debbie and for Deeside Golf Club.

“Debbie began the journey towards the CCM qualification four years ago, studying and sitting exams while at the same time continuing to run our Club so efficiently on a daily basis. I am absolutely delighted her hard work has been rewarded and she can now proudly call herself a Certified Club Manager.”

Commenting on her success Silvia said “I have received my designation as Certified Club Manager with immense pride and appreciation for all the people that have made this amazing journey possible. This certification has come with the additional breakthrough and responsibility of being the first woman to achieve the CCM in Spain and Europe, together with my peer and great friend Debbie Pern from Scotland.
Last but not least, I add the honor to celebrate the designation together with my coworker, Fernando Padrón, which sees Real Club Valderrama as the club with the most number of CCMs in Europe.”

Silvia’s colleague Fernando Padron added “What an amazing experience!
After many years of completing several MDP courses I am equipped with vast knowledge on all facets involved in Golf Management. Throughout the years I have been fortunate to have met many wonderful people and newfound friends through my work and study. Networking has been another key concept to my success in this field. Sharing our experiences with other delegates has enriched me greatly. Obtaining the CCM gives me great personal satisfaction and acknowledgement of a job well done and will be of great benefit to my career and future. My educational journey doesn’t stop here. I’m looking forward to learning more as well as completing more seminars and courses to further develop my skills.”

Real Club Valderrama’s Director General Javier Reviriego said of his colleagues success “We are delighted with the recent success of Fernando and Silvia. They have worked very hard to obtain their CCM and I have no doubt that the entire certification process has made them better professionals. At Real Club Valderrama we believe that education together with passion are the keys to success; we will continue to invest in the development of our team”. 

The CMAE has been in existence for more than 15 years, and is now successfully mirroring its American counterpart (CMAA), in the creation of an effective education pathway for club managers. In 2011 CMAE launched their MDP throughout Europe encouraging club industry leaders to enhance their education with the ten core competencies of the modern club manager. To date nearly 1,000 club managers have attended the MDP programme, with 39 now achieving the coveted CCM status.

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