Incremental Improvements to the Member and Visitor Experience in Clubs




Assemble 9.00 for 9.30am and Depart 4.30

Aims of this professional development seminar

This one day training workshop is designed to help managers confront the reality of the experience currently offered to their members and visitors and consider how it may be improved. The workshop is highly participative and consists of a variety of tasks, exercises, discussions, presentations, footage of real members and a final plan of action for incremental change back in each of the clubs.

Outline of the day

• DVD – real golfers talking about their experiences at clubs.

• Present key findings from the mystery customer trial in Scottish Clubs during 2013

• Discuss and establish common challenges and general areas for improvement

• Identification of member and visitor “types” and specific traits and needs of each group.

• Group to split into teams and complete an exercise to identify areas for incremental improvement during each stage of the members’ and visitors’ experience.

• Further detailed analysis of areas for incremental improvement for each member/visitor “type”

• Exercise to enhance attention to detail, review and discuss findings.

• Final exercise and presentation from teams on potential incremental improvements to be implemented back in the workplace.

• Summarise key lessons learned

Professional Presenter: Helen Bennett

Helen Bennett is the owner of Human Reality a training consultancy which has been in operation for almost 16 years. She has presented on several CMAE seminars out with Scotland and also at Stirling on the MDP Program. This seminar is a fresh topic from her previous seminars

Her objective is to provide businesses with information, training and advice that ensure their managers focus on what makes them as productive and successful as they can be at work.

She seeks to provide ambitious individuals with revealing information about themselves (as well as training and advice on how to exploit that information) that has a profoundly productive and often life changing effect on the choices that they make in their personal and professional lives.

Target audience for this seminar –

This seminar is aimed at Club Managers, Club Captains/Committee Members and PGA Professionals, who recognize that in their role as custodians of their club, there is a better chance of success if they can provide first class customer service to their members and visitors.

How do I book a place on this seminar?

What will it cost?

The seminar is FREE to attend to CMAE members thanks to Circle Golf.

Non Members are also welcome to attend this seminar for £30.

How do I book a place on this seminar? – Online to [email protected]

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