BMI International 2018

The Board and management team of the Golf Managers Association of New Zealand extend a warm welcome to our CMA Europe colleagues to join us for the BMI International conference, which we are co-presenting with CMAA. The Conference will an offer an immersive cultural experience in club management in and around Queenstown, New Zealand, October 4-9, 2018, and will include educational presentations interspersed with unparalleled experiences. Queenstown is New Zealand’s leading alpine resort and a favourite destination for international visitors, offering a special combination of activities, landscape, people, culture, food and wine that makes it a unique destination experience.

For full programme details of the conference and speaker programmes and a video on Queenstown NZ go to the website or our own website

Review the complete schedule and guest program. Don’t delay. Register now. This session is already exceeding 50 percent of capacity, and is expected to sell out.