Certified Club Manager (CCM) Registration Form

Please complete the form below to apply to sit the Certified Club Manager (CCM) exam.

To be eligible to sit the CCM exam you must:

  • have earned a minimum of 300 Credits
  • must have attended at least one CMAA World Conference 
  • a minimum of six years’ experience in a management position at a club (see eligibility conditions)
  • successful completion of the CMAE Management Development Programmes (4 out of 5

For more information on the CCM eligibility conditions click here.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of £75.00 / *€94.97 to be submitted at the time of registration in order to start the process.

PLEASE NOTE: As the verification process may take several months, the deadline for submitting a CCM Registration Form is six months prior to the exam date.