Golf Governing Bodies

The CMAE enjoys a postive relationship with many of Europe’s governing bodies throughout the sport of golf.  With them we share a common vision for professional management of golf clubs, and their own objectives such as the encouragement of new players into the sport and the development of talented payers, are objectives that the CMAE would be encouraing its members to adopt, as best practice in the industry.

The CMAE is honoured to be able to list the following as Allied Associations:

The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews

Jointly with the United States Golf Association, the R & A is the governing body for the sport of golf worldwide.
R & A Logo 

The English Golf Union

The governing body for amateur golf in England, the EGU is the largest of the golf federations and unions in Europe, and has over 2,000 clubs affiliated to it. Together with the Scottish Golf Union, the EGU have been keen supporters of education programmes for club managers, and all other staff and management roles at golf clubs.
EGU Logo 

The Scottish Golf Union 

The governing body for amateur golf in Scotland,  The SGU has been a leading exponent of the needs to educate and develop those involved in the management of golf clubs – both amateur volunteers and professional managers.