Social Media

The Club Managers Association of Europe has incorporated the latest technology and communication channels to provide up to date news and information to all members and non-members. CMAE invite all to actively engage with the content so that the association can continuously develop and add increasing value to membership. Please use these platforms to communicate to the association for general enquiries, registration to events, and voicing ideas for new initiatives and services.

  The CMAE use Facebook as a platform to promote recent news, exclusive offers to members and store photos and videos from functions and events. For non members, this is an area to communicate with current members and the association about the CMAE and to ask questions.
   Twitter is a Micro-blogging site used by the CMAE to promote recent events, exclusive offers to members but also to promote and communicate to non-members in short, 140 character updates. 
  The CMAE use Flickr for storage of photos from previous events and functions. Site is currently under development.